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Most projects work through the following stages, generally based on the RIBA Plan of Work :

# Measured survey of the existing buildings and/or lands, to help develop the design schemes.

# Initial sketch scheme design and outline proposals.

# Final design scheme and, where necessary, planning application and negotiations.

# Detailed design and, where necessary, building regulation application and negotiations.

# Production information for the project tendering with building contractor firms.

# Tendering the project to a number of building contractor firms.

# Building contract preparation, and signing.

# Building contract administration and site inspections, until completion.  Includes organising regular site meetings and certifying building works for payments by the client.

Party Wall Services:

Abp Chartered Architects offers the services of a party wall surveyor, independent of its architectural services.

Bernard, the head of practice, is a very experienced party wall surveyor and is a member of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club (a recognised party wall surveying club).  He has been involved in numerous party wall negotiations and awards, under the requirements of the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

As a matter of principle, we do not provide party wall services to clients that have already engaged us as their architects.  

The services of a party wall surveyor includes generally: serving of notices, preparing condition surveys and awards.  The party wall surveyor also inspects the proposed works and possible effects on neighbouring properties, before, after and sometimes during construction, in order to report and hopefully mitigate damage to the neighbouring properties.

If you require our party wall services, please click the link below:

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